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Topics: Work Life

Staying Connected, Keeping Productive

Related article: Pay Transparency - Tips for Training Managers It is no longer practical to ignore the increase of usage of smart devices and social media in the workplace. Blackberries,...

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Organizational and Employee Development

Building an organizational and employee development plan is an efficient way for managers to measure current performance and define key areas for improvement. These plans should serve as tools to...

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Industry Liaison Group – Who are They?

For many employers, the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) is a common name and their annual conference, being held this year from August 27-31 in Hawaii, is attended by HR...

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Why Recruiting Veterans Can Improve Your Team

Related resource: Ensure OFCCP mandatory requirements are met by giving protected veterans the first opportunity to apply to jobs. Veterans bring unique skills to the workplace. As they return from...

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Reasonable Accommodations for Food Allergies in the Workplace

Introduction to Food Allergies Food is an important part of our work culture. We celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions by coming together with our colleagues for a potluck...

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Valuing Employees, Why It Is a Key to Retention

Related article: Tips for Motivating Your Employees Valuing employees is an important part of retention and can also help decrease turnover rates. While you may have an employee retention programs...

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The Challenge of Finding Employees with the Right Skills

Related article: Recruitment Tips for Building a More Diverse Workplace Hiring good employees can be challenging. While prospective recruits may have the right skills to match the job – including...

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Motivate Your Staff During the Summer

Related article: Tips for Motivating Your Employees Motivation is a key role that managers play in the supervision of their employees. During the summer months motivating staff can become much...

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Are Dress Codes Important?

While there are no federal requirements for office dress codes, other than those concerning gender or religious discrimination, most companies have some policy concerning appropriate workplace attire. Whether your business...

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