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While there are no federal requirements for office dress codes, other than those concerning gender or religious discrimination, most companies have some policy concerning appropriate workplace attire. Whether your business requires professional dress, you promote a casual work environment, or your business dictates a standard uniform, there are several benefits to consider for implementing a dress code policy with your employees.

It Sets Clear Expectations

Regardless of your office dress code, setting clear guidelines and policies for workplace attire will alleviate any ambiguity amongst employees. For instance, if your office leans towards the casual but you prefer employees dress more professionally for business meetings, outlining these guidelines will eliminate any confusion and set a clear precedent on company expectations. This should also include reinforcing your policies on diversity and workplace inclusion, especially in today’s dynamic workforce with different cultures working together.

You Can Put Your Best Foot Forward

Setting guidelines for office attire can also shape the image you would like to project for your business. If you are a small start–up that wants to appear larger and more established, asking employees to dress more professionally can help. Alternately, letting employees know that slovenly attire is not acceptable can also guard against projecting an image of a company that may not be ready for “prime–time”. The outward appearance you and your employees will go a long way in determining the tone you want to set, and can also help raise a positive perception of your company.

Build Professionalism Amongst Your Employees

Setting some form of dress code can also help increase the pride your employees have for themselves as a member of your company. Conveying a professional demeanor, even one that may be a bit more laid back and casual, sets a professional tone that will translate into all facets of the communication your employees have with outside parties, as well as amongst themselves.

It Eliminates Any Confusion

Establishing policies for office attire can also help alleviates any confusion employees may have in regards to what is considered appropriate or inappropriate dress. It can also decrease the amount of time managers have to spend addressing dress code guidelines with individual employees.

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