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Veterans bring unique skills to the workplace. As they return from military duty and look to pursue civilian careers, you will more than likely interview many of these job candidates. There are various reasons you should consider when looking to hire a former member of the military community, including their ability to show leadership, teamwork and unparallel discipline.

As you asses your diversity recruitment needs and those candidates that would best fit your job openings and requirements, below are additional qualifies that members of the veteran community bring to the civilian labor force.

Veterans have unique leadership skills. With military training as their framework, veterans are conditioned to take on a leadership role and activities, regardless of their ranking. They are taught not only to be responsible for their behavior, but also for the behavior of their peers.

Veterans are team oriented. Along these same lines, veterans are trained to work as part of a military unit – or team. Decisions that are made usually impact the team as a whole, and plans and activities are executed with this in mind.

Veterans have background and security clearances. For those looking to hire for the government or require their personnel to have a security clearance, veterans come prepared. Due to their military duties, many veterans have already gone through some level of background or security check.

Veterans are trained to work with cutting-edge technologies. Because the military relies on sophisticated technologies to perform military engagements, many veterans are already well-versed, and have a deep understanding or high-level training in technology.

Veterans are highly organized. Planning is a military mantra that all service members follow. Keeping to restrictive schedules, managing and executive clear objectives, outlining detailed logistical engagements, to name a few.

Veterans have a unique ability to work under high stress situations. Those in the military are continually adapting to ever-changing situations, are required to work long hours, sometimes under difficult situations, all the while having to take disciplined actions. Adapting to stressful situations is a large part of the military framework.

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