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The Equal Opportunity Employment regulations, or EEO, are a set of federal laws that prevent discrimination against job applicants on the basis of race, religious beliefs, age, and many other factors. However, having a diverse workforce is about much more than meeting a quota. Having employees of many different backgrounds, with many different skill sets, can actually be advantageous for a company. And for growth industries that are seeing more competition, such as healthcare, recruiting should be about driving top candidates regardless of their cultural background or gender.

The first step in the process of acquiring a more diverse workforce is making a diversity plan. Step back and take a look at who you have working for you right now. Who or what is missing? Try to fill vacant positions from within first, if at all possible. Are certain skills or people underrepresented? Are you a global company? If so, you may want to add a more global scope with new hires. Once you have a solid idea of what you do and don’t have, you can begin the recruiting process. This is when you sh