Proving Your Diversity Outreach is Working

OFCCP requires evidence you are effectively recruiting and hiring protected classes. Innovative systems and tools that provide accurate documentation are vital for compliance.

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Compliance success begins with proper tracking and record keeping.

Federal contractors must take steps throughout their outreach and hiring processes to ensure OFCCP compliance and that they are developing a diverse workforce. Circa’s integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) and Outreach Management System (OMS) help build a pipeline of diverse talent and ensure compliance.

  • ESDS account management for Mandatory Job Listing
  • Nationwide coverage of 17,500+ community and diversity organizations
  • Self-ID records on gender, disability, veteran, and minority status
  • Required proof of ESDS job postings, recruiting processes, and hiring decisions

ESDS Mandatory Job Listing Evidence

Under VEVRAA, OFCCP requires employers list their jobs on the Employment Service Delivery System (ESDS) and provide proof of their compliance. Circa provides the appropriate evidence with PDF snapshots of the posting, a confirmation ID from the site, and detailed records of all crucial information.

Fulfilling Affirmative Action Goals

An Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) lays out how your organization will achieve its objective of a diverse workforce. Developing relationships with community organizations and documenting your activity is vital to diversity and compliance. Contractors must also analyze their efforts and make adjustments based on information they gather, such as:

  • Specific documentation of outreach activities and conversations
  • Personal communication with organizations to fill positions
  • Breakdown of organizational contacts, applicant referrals, and hires

Record Retention Compliance

OFCCP requires information to be stored for up to three years, depending on the data. This allows them to check if employers are effective in their outreach, ensure discrimination is not occurring, and see if diverse individuals are being recruited and hired. Circa’s systems give contractors an easy way to save all required materials, including job postings, applications, self-ID information, and step-by-step details of the organization’s hiring processes.

On-Demand Reporting

The ability to access candidate profiles, and provide evidence of why an applicant progression in the hiring process, protects your organization and demonstrates compliant practices. An effected automated system offers on-demand reporting of important data:

  • Appropriate applicant information based on the Internet Applicant Rule
  • Specific disposition codes for every applicant within each job posting
  • ESDS job postings, outreach eforts, communications, and hiring process
  • Reports generated by job title, reference number, location, and date range