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Diversity & Inclusion

Reinventing the Standard for Diversity

Creating & Implementing a DEI Strategy

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Create a Culture Where D&I Thrives

Circa’s taken the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge to initiate actions throughout the year to become more diverse. We also have created our own DEI program to demonstrate internally and externally our company commitment and investment in our core values.

Circa Practices What It Preaches

Circa’s Key DEI Statistics

“Here at Circa, we wanted to fully disclose our DEI statistics to be transparent with our customers, business partners, prospects, and employees. We are a company that is currently in the infancy stage of DEI and are working to move the needle to become a more diverse company. We believe diverse teams have the power to transform business and will continue to work towards our internal and external DEI goals.”

– Patrick, Sheahan, CEO, Circa

Customers Love Us

Amazing, effective networking

The amount of partnerships created with Circa really supports our DEIB Strategy for outreach efforts. Database remain current and relevant.

Circa Makes a Difference

Circa is a user friendly platform that integrates with our ATS. Circa provides many insights as to where our candidates are coming from and reaches populations that we previously could not reach.

Internal Action PlanExternal Action Plan

Building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace that fosters belonging, innovation, and growth.

  • Diversified our talent pipeline by building relationships with local and national organizations to reach diverse talent.
  • Revamped job descriptions and developed a standardized, more inclusive hiring process.
  • Created a new accessible and disability-friendly office space.
  • Created a more flexible work culture.
  • Offered more inclusive and family-friendly employee benefits.
  • Providing training and learning opportunities to build cross-cultural competency, strengthen allyship, and cultivate inclusive behaviors and practices.
  • Implementing a Voluntary Affirmative Action Program .
  • Engaging in impact projects that benefit marginalized populations in our communities.
  • Diversifying Circa’s supply chain and increase dollar spend.

Be a thought leader and share best practices with employers, communities, and partners.

  • Share best practices on DEI strategy development and implementation.
  • Leverage insights to inform DEI product management strategy.
  • Elevate and advance DEI excellence through education and thought leadership.
  • Empower and enable employers with a one-stop hub for DEI.

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