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OFCCP Compliance & Diversity Outreach

State Job Board Listing / Electronic Service Delivery Sites (ESDS)

  • Circa makes it simple to meet OFCCP job listing requirements. Post jobs from your career site to the appropriate states ESDS wherever your jobs are located and to all 56 sites.
  • Capture and retain proof of posting and access reports anytime.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with an all-in-one solution.

Documentation, Reporting & Regulations

  • Maintain the critical evidence of postings to multiple job boards
  • With complete documentation and reporting on demand, you’re prepared for OFCCP audit success with the paper trail to prove it
  • Gain peace of mind by working with experts on OFCCP compliance – Stay on top of OFCCP regulations

Veteran Connections

  • Ensure OFCCP mandatory requirements are met by giving protected veterans the first opportunity to apply to jobs
  • Utilize our OFCCP Compliance solution to ensure that your organization meets Mandatory Job Listing rules, helping you to effectively hire veterans
OFCCP Solution Features

Talent & DEI software products to meet recruiting and good faith outreach requirements.

Job Board Posting & Distribution

Promote your jobs with precision and effectiveness through our nationwide network of more than 600 locally-focused and diversity niche sites that attract 10+ million job seekers annually.

Extend your reach with our programmatic job distribution product to reach even more diverse candidates.

Recruiting & Sourcing

Promote your jobs to targeted diverse groups through our network of 15,500+ community-based organizations and niche sites, while tracking and reporting all your outreach.

Drive your candidate pipeline with an outreach management system, diversity sourcing database of 160M candidates, resume database, applicant tracking system and job board postings to a network of hundreds of boards.

Employer Branding

Show job seekers you embrace diversity.

Employer Branding offers a company profile, diversity badge, job posting featured tags and a variety of career events and adverting features to promote your jobs and company to your ideal candidates.

Tax Credits

See if you qualify for ERC (Employer Retention Credits or WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credits) available to employers who hire individuals from specific target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.

There is No Substitute for Lost Time

Calculate your OFCCP compliance management costs today.

My Overall Impressions with Circa

Circa fulfills our compliance requirements by ensuring our jobs are posted to diversity and other compliance-related sites. We also like that this is a job board as well which allows the recruiters to source candidates.

Excellent Experience & Offerings

The network that you’re able to access through Circa is amazing, and their ability to push out to the state job sites really helps us. We have reached more applicants in the past few months than we did with several years with a competitor.

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