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It is no longer practical to ignore the increase of usage of smart devices and social media in the workplace. Blackberries, iPhones, iPods, and social networking sites likes Facebook are part of day-to-day business transactions. At the same time, these technologies also compete for your employees’ attention. Striking a balance between flexibility and productivity is the key to establishing parameters. Managing the amount of time and effort spent with these technology platforms – beyond the daily work-front – is important to workplace productivity. The experts at Circa offer some advice.

The fuzzy border between work and productivity has increasingly become a hot topic within companies. Do we bar everything, or do we bar nothing? Most importantly, how do you keep your employees productive while allowing them some freedom?

Our advice is that no two companies should have a similar policy. For instance a company who subcontracts for the government would most likely not want its employees on Facebook all day, regardless of the content. It may be too high of a risk. But if you are a company who thrives on sales, getting your employees out in full force on all social sites is your best bet to attracting public attention –