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Topics: Work Life

The Future of Talent Acquisition 2022-23 Infographic

Review our "Future of Talent Acquisition" infographic for strategies, practices, and technologies for building a workforce in 2022 and beyond.

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The Future of Talent Acquisition 2022-23 Whitepaper

Download our latest research whitepaper that focuses on strategies, practices and technologies for building the future workforce for 2022 and 2023.

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2022 Report on State of DEI in Small and Medium Organizations

As it's getting harder every day for small and medium size organizations to compete for talent, customers and investment dollars, DEI is one of the few key differentiators still available....

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Celebrating Holidays Inclusively in the Workplace

As organizations work towards incorporating more (and improved) diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices within the workplace, it’s important to recognize the significance of celebrating holidays in support of inclusion....

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Circa Launches DEI Calendar and Content Product

Milwaukee, WI (June 22, 2022) – Circa is pleased to announce the launch of Advancing Belonging and Inclusion (ABI), which provides diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) content, guides, holiday event...

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Mentorship and Allyship: Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Talent

If you take a look at the audience of many industries such as technology, law, and architecture, odds are you’ll not see as much diversity as in other workforces. Yet...

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How to Fortify a Diverse Workforce to Battle the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation, also known as The Great Realignment, wreaked havoc in organizations and businesses. It's left many leaders scratching their heads, trying to understand the climate, and scrambling to...

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The Future of the HR Function 2022

In this study, we look at the attitudes, concerns, priorities and skills of today’s HR professionals as well as their views on what will be most important in the near...

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What Does a Post Pandemic Job Market Look Like

Join Jay Denton as he goes over how to navigate the labor shortage and compensation demands while looking at current trends that are occurring in the economy and how it...

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