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Topics: Diversity

Who is your remarkable woman to honor on Equal Pay Day?

Someone asked me the other day, if I could choose remarkable women who paved the way for equal pay, who might I choose. Very tough question as I can think...

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusions Programs Start at the Top: A CEO Perspective

Over the past several years, many organizations have advanced diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs in their organizations. In fact, according to Just Capital, most employers (94%) and employees (74%)...

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Circa Launches New, Redesigned DiversityJobs Job Board

Milwaukee, WI (Feb. 25, 2022) – DiversityJobs powered by Circa announced a newly designed job board that makes it easier for job seekers and employers who embrace diversity to connect....

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Top 5 DEI Challenges in the Workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have the power to transform business by creating a truly inclusive workplace culture — which, in turn, drives employee satisfaction and retention. In fact, 80%...

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Attracting Veterans to Work for Your Company

Every year, approximately 250,000 military officers in the USA retire from their service. Once they have served the country for a decade or two, these veterans choose to make the...

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How to Attract Disabled Workers to Your Company

Equal-opportunity employers in the USA should be aware of the sheer number of disabled workers looking for jobs. They need to understand that by omitting these potential employees from the...

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You Might Be Missing Out on the Best Female Job Candidates

Unconscious gender biases are, unfortunately, a part of every hiring process. Studies conducted on this subject show that hiring managers, both male and female, tend to favor male candidates in...

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The Promise and Perils of AI in Employment Decision-Making

Commissioner Sonderling will address the implications of Artificial Intelligence(AI)/Machine Learning (ML) for equal employment opportunity. Employers are using AI to make employment decisions at every stage of the job life...

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Navigating Today’s Tough HR Questions: Best Practices from the Experts – Part 2

Due to popular demand, Circa brings back Craig Leen and Victoria Lipnic to help us navigate the opportunities, challenges, pitfalls, EEO and legal considerations, legal standards, and provide direction and...

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