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7 Reasons to Consider Conducting a Civil Rights Audit [And 6 Reasons an Independent Auditor Can Help]

BY DCI CONSULTING In the face of rising awareness about workplace inequalities and systemic discrimination, civil rights audits (CRAs) have quickly become a critical tool for organizations aiming to foster...

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Building Diverse Teams: Leveraging Empowerment for Employee Engagement & Retention

Organizations prioritizing employee engagement create a culture that values and supports employees, contributing to higher retention rates. This interactive Q&A discussion explores the role of empowerment in driving employee engagement...

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What To Do if the OFCCP Comes Knocking

What do you do when OFCCP comes knocking on your door? How do you prepare for a compliance audit?  Join Roselle Rogers and Angel Fischer as they walk through the...

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Key Data for Hiring Retention & Compensation Planning to Close Out 2023

This webinar will cover LaborIQ’s predictions for the remainder of 2023, with a focus on how labor market and compensation trends will continue moderating to historic norms. But with a...

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The Future of Talent Acquisition 2023-24

The new research contained in this report shows that TA remains a top priority for the vast majority of organizations. Rumors of a bear market in recruitment have, so far,...

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The 5 Biggest Developments in HR and Compliance of 2023

The workplace has fundamentally changed in recent years due to the pandemic, changing expectations in the employee experience, new government regulations, hybrid and remote challenges and opportunities, and artificial intelligence....

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The Impact of UNC/Harvard Decision on DEIA and Affirmative Action in Employment

The Supreme Court of the United States ruling on affirmative action in higher education admissions in the case involving Harvard College and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is...

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Breaking Bias: Using AI to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in Performance Management

Fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce that drives innovation, creativity, and performance is essential, yet measuring and promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I) in your performance management practices can be a...

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Integrating Digital Accessibility into Your DEI Strategy

When accessibility isn’t part of your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy, barriers are created, which can make it difficult for an individual with a disability to engage or interact...

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