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Topics: Veterans

AI Candidate Matching Demo Video

Circa’s short demonstration of our AI Candidate Matching solution showcases how it can save you countless hours searching through candidates. AI Candidate Matching removes unconscious bias from your candidate sourcing...

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Best Practices Regarding the Annual Assessment of Outreach

The OFCCP Annual Assessment of Outreach is a vital part of each AAP for protected veterans and IWDs.

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Building and Sustaining Diversity in the Workplace

Workplace diversity embraces the differences that make individuals unique. It harnesses the variety of perspectives they bring to the table to solve problems, drives innovation, and creates better outcomes that...

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Wisconsin Outreach Event

Co-hosted by Circa, OFFCP, and Milwaukee ILG our virtual education conference focused on best practices for partnering with community-based organizations.

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Consolidating 200 Locations to 1

Learn how Circa helped a media company centralize its diversity outreach and save hundreds of hours annually.

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OFCCP Documentation Best Practices

Get a handle on your OFCCP documentation and recordkeeping, which is required for federal contractors. You’ll see a full breakdown of recruiting, posting, and reporting you need to be 100%...

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OFCCP Compliance 101 Webinar

Learn the basics of OFCCP compliance to give you a strong foundation of knowledge. Get details on the regulations OFCCP enforces, and your obligations for affirmative action, documentation, and recordkeeping.

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Outreach Targeting Veterans, IWDs, and More

Identify the steps needed for affirmative action to employ and advance veterans and individuals with disabilities. OFCCP requires employers to create and assess affirmative action plans to achieve these goals.

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OFCCP Compliance Solutions

This comprehensive eBook gives you insight into our OFCCP Compliance solution that will help you navigate federal compliance obligations, risk, and OFCCP audits with confidence.

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