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Hiring and retaining top talent is an ongoing process that should focus on both filling current job vacancies as well attracting the best candidates to fulfill your company’s long-term business goals. Although there is no easy formula to finding the best candidate for job opening, creating a consistent recruiting strategy can help; ensuring you reach strong candidates that have the necessary skills and requirements to meet your organizational needs. Here are several best recruiting practices our experts recommend.

Have recruiting plan. An essential first step is to assess the skills and needs required for each new job opening with hiring managers. This includes identifying needs in your current workforce and detailing job descriptions for each position(s), including budget and timeline. This will help you on the next step, which is a detailed job description. Work with managers, HR and any other key team members to develop new job openings and those planned for future expansion to ensure you are sourcing candidates that possess the right skills. Consider posting job ads on smaller, targeted job boards that focus on highly specialized group, such as women, minorities, veterans, or disabled candidates.

Participate in recruiting and industry events. Carefully review events and assess their effectiveness to your recruiting strategy. Career fairs, industry trade shows, and associations offer fertile ground to source and identify potential candidates – both of which are crucial to building your presence for your short-term hiring goals and future objectives.

Capitalize on social media. Social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have users in the hundreds of millions. Good hires have to be somewhere in those numbers, but how do you hone in and find them? LinkedIn is the primary social networking site for professional employment. There’s also the option of finding people you already know, and networking with them to come across more potential candidates. Facebook is not limited to only job seekers, and it prevails in terms of number of users. Twitter allows for companies to quickly and easily post positions. The use of hash tags (ways to filter out and search for specific words throughout Twitter) can also help seekers find you first.

If you’re not networking, you should be. If attending trade events, have participating teams recruit as these events are fertile ground and your participation should be leveraged as much as possible. Attend career and job fairs. Chances are that you and other members of your organization have friends in their own personal network that may make excellent candidates for your open positions. Along with your social media network, tap into your employee network; one that can instantly connect you with qualified candidates. Promoting an employee referral program is valuable here.

Use your own website. Post job ads, both on your company website and on hiring websites, to make sure as many potential hires see it as possible. Site visitors are interested in your brand and this traffic should be capitalized on for all areas of your business – form sales, your services, corporate branding to highlighting open job opportunities.

Consider promoting from within. Not only will you already know the employee, and the employee will already be familiar with the company, but the promotion will provide motivation to others employees. Offer rewards to existing employees to recruit new employees – there will still be a cost to the company, but not nearly as much as employing outside help.

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