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Milwaukee, WI (Oct. 7, 2021) – Circa is pleased to announce the launch of a new product, DEI Strategy, Analytics, and Engagement, powered by OurOffice. The SaaS-based solution is a cost-effective and efficient way to enhance workplace culture with a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) plan, powerful analytics, and a safe environment for employee voices. DEI Strategy, Analytics, and Engagement focuses on transforming workplace culture while driving business results through its all-in-one DEI turnkey solution.

Companies have found that a diverse and inclusive workplace culture provides them with higher talent retention, workplace performance, revenue, employee engagement and team innovation. Workplace diversity is especially important to incorporate now as by 2025 over 75% of the workforce will be millennials and Gen Z’s who are already majority diverse. DEI Strategy, Analytics, and Engagement was designed for small to medium-sized organizations who need the three P’s, process, professional, and platform to succeed in their DEI efforts.

“From diversity recruiting to workplace culture we want to make sure that companies are not only recruiting underrepresented candidates but also retaining, motivating and keeping them engaged.” said Patrick Sheahan, Circa CEO. “We are excited to be working with OurOffice to expand our current diversity recruiting and OFCCP compliance solutions to create an end-to-end affordable DEI solution. This product resonates with our mission and will help companies assess, plan, and build an inclusive workplace culture.”

“The future of work is here, with workplace culture becoming a key factor for small and medium organizations to win the competition for talent and meet investor and customer expectations,” said Sonya Sepahban, CEO of OurOffice. “We’re excited to add value to Circa’s suite of diversity offerings with a simple and affordable solution designed to build a more equitable and inclusive workplace that is sustainable over the long-term.”

Circa provides SaaS-based OFCCP compliance management and recruiting technology solutions to deliver qualified candidates on a level, equitable playing field that meet organizations’ needs to build high-performing, diverse teams. Learn more about how Circa’s DEI Strategy, Analytics, and Engagement powered by OurOffice can align and engage your leadership and employees across your organization to get results and show return on investment. Request a demo.

About Circa
Circa is a catalyst for 21st century companies to build high-performing diverse teams based on research that shows companies want to shift from diversity as a program to diversity as a business strategy. The companies’ robust portfolio of software solutions and unparalleled industry expertise give employers the tools and knowledge they need to radically change how they approach talent acquisition and management. The company was founded in 1994, has 5000+ customers, 15,500 community partner relationships and in 2020 posted 5M+ jobs through its network of 600+ online employment websites.

About OurOffice
OurOffice end-to-end solution is built for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in small and medium organizations. Managers and HR professionals use the powerful analytics, tools and resources to plan, execute and track their efforts and achieve 8 X ROI. Employees share and engage in a safe environment and feel heard and included. OurOffice has been delivering better results faster across various industries and has been named as Top 10 in DEI by the Manage HR Magazine.

Media Contact
Katie Saba
Product Marketing Manager
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Katie Coleman
Product Marketing Manager
Katie Coleman is a Product Marketing Manager at Circa. Based on her conversations and research, Katie produces webinars and writes articles on diversity and other employment-related topics to guide employers, employees and job seekers in their professional endeavors.

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