I hope that everyone had a relaxing holiday filled with good cheer and joy spent with friends and family. May the New Year bring you good health, happiness, and an inbox void of any correspondence from the Department of Labor!

It has been ten years since the 2000 census data was released. We have been preparing our Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs) using old data, expecting to see significant changes in the minority and female workforce representation when the 2010 data was released. So now the data is available and we are waiting to find out from the OFCCP when we have to apply the new data in our availability analyses when updating our AAPs. Obviously, there is nothing stopping you from using the most up-to-date EEO data now; however, the OFCCP typically gives contractors 12 months to implement the changes. Continue reading to find out the implications of the new data on your plans. Comparison tables have been created to evaluate the 2000 to 2010 data based on different locations and occupations.

Before delving into the data comparisons, it is important to prepare for implementing the new American Community Survey (ACS) and to know what data is available. The Equal Employment Op