January 2013

What’s New at OFCCP for 2013
A Potpourri of Recent Changes to OFCCP Policies and Audit Procedures


This first column of the year is a blend of predictions looking forward and a potpourri of recent OFCCP developments, both small and large.

    1. The Change of Administration Changes Everything: Potentially including Both Substance and TimingMost two-term Presidents suffer close to 100% turnover of their senior managers at the 4 year intermission (President Clinton was an exception: 5 of his Cabinet members stayed for the full 8 year Presidency, while President Bush hit the average with 2 who stayed on). The two critical transitions affecting the backroom at OFCCP are the imminent departure of Secretary of Labor Solis and the departure (last year) of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Peter Orszag (Deputy OMB Director Jeffrey Zients remains the Acting OMB Director).