Recognizing and Overcoming Unconscious Bias in Ourselves and the Workplace

How are you or have you reflected on how you interact with colleagues, people on the street, potential new hires?

When have you faced a situation where you were unsure about the experiences of others and how to react?

Many of you, as you continue to grow in your leadership roles/capabilities will be working with/, hiring and serving a diverse population, with people coming from all over the world, in all shapes and sizes, we need to understand what unconscious bias is, know how to recognize it and how we can overcome it. We first need to be aware that many different types of biases are out there and how we are accountable to ourselves and those we work with. Especially now, in our current reality, this is the time and has been long overdue, to be honest with ourselves in how these biases play a role as automatic patterns of thinking, and ultimately eliminate discriminatory behaviors in how we live and interact.

We all have biases, it’s now the time to know them, learn how to overcome them and build a culture that promotes respect & engages others to be a part of the solution. When you are reading this, if you are even a bit unsettled, then you need to attend this event.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

checkmark The different types of unconscious bias