Diversity Outreach

Revolutionize Your Business with Diverse Staffing

Connect with and distribute your jobs automatically to thousands of diverse organizations to amplify your workforce.

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Innovation through Diversity

Change is happening all around us and it can be diffcult to keep up. A diverse workforce solution saves you time and gives you a competitive advantage while helping you:

  • Build your tomorrow workforce today with programs and partners who support diversity initiatives and promote diversity recruitment.
  • Track outreach to diverse community partners to measure which relationships are the most effective.
  • Report all user efforts and assessments within your organization.

Find Diverse Candidates

We believe diverse teams have the power to transform business. For many organizations, finding qualified talent from diverse backgrounds, especially for some highly-skilled positions, is an uphill battle. Access to a vast network of 17,500 diverse community partners can set you on the path to a more inclusive culture that engages employees, builds market trust, reduces costs, and raises your organization’s profile. Some of our community partners include; veterans, LGBTQ, individuals with disabilities, minorities and women, professional and industry organizations, construction and skilled trade associations and college students.

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Engage Diverse Candidates

Companies looking to increase diversity often say it’s difficult to find sufficient talent from diverse backgrounds, especially for some highly-skilled positions. But more often than not, what they’re really saying is that they don’t know where to look.

Circa’s innovative solutions have but one goal: to help organizations remove bias and provide accountability while bringing talent and businesses together to enhance the livelihood, diversity, and growth of local communities.

Customer Success

Onboarding The Circa Way

  • We begin with a welcome call to review administrative items, systems overview and focus on diversity goals
  • A series of training sessions scheduled in small increments to help onboard the customer
  • We move at your pace. The process is to set you up for success and to use the solutions to their full potential
  • Track communications with groups by user
  • Select frequency and jobs to be sent out


  • Easily track and record referrals and communications with each organization to facilitate reporting
  • Comprehensive log of community and diversity outreach for all positions
  • Display candidate referral information for each specific organization
  • Track all communications with community-based organizations by user

Automatically Reach Diverse Candidates

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YWCA Southeast Wisconsin uses the Circa emails and communications to learn about employment opportunities to share with our diverse group of participants.

Circa emails and communications are essential to our efforts to support the professionals in our organization. Circa is a significant resource for members looking to begin or change careers.

Lincoln Literacy uses the job listings from Circa to help refugees in our Professional Re-entry Program (e.g., accountant listings), as well as helping New Americans look for jobs.

Connections to Success shares the targeted job leads sent to them from Circa with their participants as they look for positions where they can be an asset and continue to grow professionally.