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Biden Inaugurated, New Diverse Administration, Craig Leen Joins Circa

Joe Biden became our 46th President on January 21st. And, our country has its first female, Black, Asian American Vice President. Inauguration day was filled with reverence, hope, unity, and many emotions. It’s been quite a phenomenal week!

Here is a recap on this week’s extraordinary events.

  • Craig Leen Joins Circa’s Board of Directors Read Press Release
  • Jenny Rae Yang – New OFCCP Director Read Full Blog
  • Sarah McBride to become first transgender state senator in U.S. history. Read Article
  • President Biden signed 17 executive orders during his first few minutes in the Oval Office on Wednesday, January 21. Read Article
  • President Joe Biden has overturned the controversial Executive Order 13950: Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping, effective immediately. Read Article
  • The White House released another Executive Order Combating Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation, directing all government agencies to review all orders, regulations, and guidance that have been issued in the past that may run counter to or inconsistent with the nondiscrimination policy laid out in this Executive Order. Read Article

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