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For many HR managers and individuals involved with affirmative action (AA) or equal employment opportunity (EEO) programs within their business or organization, the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) is a common name and an important resource for OFCCP compliance.

With regional chapters around the country, ILG participation provides members with a forum to communicate with professionals in the technical, legal and regulatory sector as well as colleagues in the contractor community on all aspects of OFCCP compliance obligations.

Why Participate in ILG events?

Being an ILG member and participating in regional and national events offers employers access to vital resources to exchange information about equal employment opportunity in the workplace. The ILG also provides its members with valuable resources and alerts on legislative changes to OFCCP, AA and EEO rules and regulations, including updates to recent directives, as well as countless webinars on important employment practices such as making reasonable accommodations for veterans or persons with disabilities, to issu