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If you are a manager, you know being a good boss is vital to not only the business but also your career success. When you establish good relationships with your employees you create a stronger organization. From motivating staff to your management style, being a good boss should be a skill you continually refine.

Listen to your employees. Employees need clear direction and value being heard. Apart from planned weekly or monthly staff meetings, schedule one-on-one time with workers. By listening to constructive comments from employees, you can continually refine processes and your management issues. Also take this time to inform employees about what things are going well and those that require improvement. Everyone likes to know when they are doing a good job. Make your employees feel that they are valued contributors.

Work with your employees to create long-term goals. Employees who have long-term job goals are more committed to the organization. Get to know each person’s individual career goal and, when appropriate, find ways to create long-term plans for each. For instance, if you have an entry-level employee, you can map out all the levels of the organization and skills they need to acquire to advance into a higher position. On-the-job satisfaction is created when people are productive. If they feel that they are doing a good job and have room for advancement, they will be at their happiest.

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