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Milwaukee, WI (May 25, 2021) – Circa is pleased to announce a formal partnership with Texas-based ThinkWhy®, which offers a talent intelligence SaaS solution providing answers to compensation, employee retention, and job market performance.

This strategic partnership will help provide key people and business growth solutions for organizations of all sizes, HR professionals, and talent acquisition and business leaders, with a new generation of AI-driven solutions.

“By aligning with category leaders like ThinkWhy, we continue to strengthen our role in AI-powered solutions,” Patrick Sheahan, CEO, Circa said. “Working with ThinkWhy to enhance our OFCCP and Diversity technology solutions provides customers with accurate compensation and labor market information to drive strategic growth decisions. Circa continues to expand its product opportunities to ensure customers have visibility into all aspects of talent acquisition.”


“We are so pleased to partner alongside Circa’s dominant presence in Workforce Recruiting & OFCCP Compliance Solutions. LaborIQ® by ThinkWhy and Circa create a critical advantage for companies who need strategic insights, resources and answers to support their growth plans”, said Claudine Zachara, President & COO of ThinkWhy.

To launch our partnership, Circa and ThinkWhy will offer an online event, covering the 2022 job market outlook in September 2021, in addition to collaborating on Diversity and Recruiting content and resources to educate customers on talent costs and employment conditions across the U.S.

About Circa
Circa is a catalyst for 21st century companies to build high-performing diverse teams based on research that shows companies want to shift from diversity as a program to diversity as a business strategy. The companies’ robust portfolio of software solutions and unparalleled industry expertise give employers the tools and knowledge they need to radically change how they approach talent acquisition and management. The company was founded in 1994, has 4500+ customers, 15,500 community partner relationships and in 2020 posted 5M+ jobs through its network of 600+ online employment websites.

About ThinkWhy
ThinkWhy’s people-inspired focus is on creating a new generation of AI-driven SaaS solutions that transform the labor market for employers and job seekers.

LaborIQ by ThinkWhy is a talent intelligence software helping organizations drive people and business growth strategies by providing answers to today’s compensation, employee retention and job market forecasts. Powered by advanced AI technology, the platform delivers unequaled ease, accuracy and unlimited access to all U.S. cities and over 20,000 occupations.


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