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Our Manifesto

The creative expression of our strategy

What It Is

Our manifesto firmly plants our flag –
“We believe diverse teams have the power to transform business.”
It is our unveiling of our new brand and mission. It is our rally cry.
It helps our teams understand — and get excited for the new direction of our company.
It tells the marketplace we have a new mission and purpose for the company.

We are not all the same.

We bring our own experiences, backgrounds and thinking to our work.
These differences are valuable assets.

Difference works.

Difference opens minds, opens doors.
Difference challenges conventional wisdom.
Difference makes collaboration stronger and feedback more impactful.

Difference fuels creativity to innovate
and stimulates intellect to get the job done.

But many companies don’t see the true value of diversity.

They create one-size-fits-all workplaces.
They don’t see diversity as an opportunity.
They see diversity as a mandate.
A box to check. A quota to fill.

We don’t see it that way. And we never will.

At Circa we believe diverse teams have the power to transform business.
Diverse thinking is a company’s proprietary advantage. That’s why we
are a catalyst for companies to build a more competitive, innovative and
high-performing workforce. We stand with bold leaders who not only
see difference, but also harness it for the future.

From this point forward, business will be different.

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