Diversity Sourcing

Recruit Authentically. Remove Bias

Create a laser-focused recruiting strategy utilizing Circa’s database of 169 million individuals and software that removes job description bias. Get ranked candidates for all of your open positions and start saving time and money.

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Reach Qualified Candidates

  • 169 Million Candidates – Curated from over 8,500 diverse social organizations
  • Active & Passive Candidates – Of the 169 million candidates 40% are active and 60% are passive candidates
  • Veterans – More than 13 million veterans included in Diversity Sourcing
  • Make Connections – 90% success rate with contact information from passive candidates.

Don’t be like most employers – use Diversity Sourcing to avoid hiring the wrong people

  • Candidates ranked based on how well their skills match your job requirements.
  • Job description reviewed to remove potential biases before posting ad.
  • Blind candidate screening with ethnicity, gender, education, age, & many other factors redacted.

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  • Every job posting returns matching results with score and rank based on job requirements.
  • Download candidates as an excel file and import into your ATS system.
  • On-demand reports available for compliance audits.
  • Search results are saved to meet OFCCP compliance requirements and provide audit documentation.

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Save Time & Money with Diversity Sourcing

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