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Circa’s Partner Program FAQ

1. What is Circa’s Partner Program?

Circa’s Partner Program is a ready-to-market, comprehensive channel program that drives demand generation growth through revenue sharing, tiered payment schedules, sales and marketing support, funnel development, and ongoing channel management.

2. What types of companies does Circa partner with?

Circa aims to partner with companies with a similar vision and mission focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), OFCCP compliance, or recruitment. These companies are typically in the HR/DEIB consulting or HRTech space.

3. What types of partners does Circa work with?

Circa currently has referral lead generation, integrated and independent reseller, and commercial partnerships.

4. What stage do most partnerships start?

Our partnerships start at the Bronze stage for referral and reseller partnerships.

5. What is the tier structure for partners?

Circa’s Partner Program is based on Bronze, Silver, and Platinum levels for referral, integrated reseller, and independent reseller partnerships. These levels are based on the revenue brought into Circa and provide different benefits for each level. The higher the tier, the more benefits received from Circa. You can learn more here.

6. How are leads and revenue tracked and reported?

We utilize Impartner, a partner relationship management tool. Deal registration in Impartner is a seamless process to enter and receive leads to and from Circa. This tool allows for transparency into the real-time lead status and ease of information exchange.

7. How does Circa support partner success?

Circa provides a multitude of ways to support channel partners from sales training and enablement, direct sales support, a dedicated channel and marketing manager, and partner review meetings.

8. What marketing and sales resources are available to partners?

Circa provides their channel partners with high-quality sales tools including product demos and battlecards, sell sheets and presentations, product comparison charts, and more. Marketing support delivers social media templates and posts, email campaign messaging, and joint thought leadership content.

9. How can I become a partner?

To become a partner and learn more about our program, fill out our brief form here, and our business development manager will reach out to you to see if we are a good fit.

10. What does the partner launch process involve?

After the contract is signed, we start with a kick-off meeting for introductions, marketing deliverables, and go over the next steps. We’ll create an Impartner account for you, review deal registration and marketing assets, and schedule lunch and learns for the sales teams. We will officially launch the partnership to the public with a press release, social post, and email to our customers.

11. Who do I contact if I have a question?

Miranda Knudtson, Partner Marketing Manager
Circa | Mitratech
[email protected]

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