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Every year, approximately 250,000 military officers in the USA retire from their service. Once they have served the country for a decade or two, these veterans choose to make the transition back to a regular lifestyle, which often includes getting a regular job where they can earn a steady living.

Some companies may be skeptical about hiring older military officers, but as we have already mentioned here, veterans possess a set of skills that are beneficial to any organization. Their disciplined, detail-oriented approach to their tasks, coupled with a strong work ethic, makes veterans an ideal hire for any firm. However, the important question is, how do you get these skilled individuals to join your company, and how do you retain them? Let’s find out.

Revamp Your Recruitment Process to Target Veterans

To hire the right military officers, you may need to modify your recruitment process. You’ll need an approach that specifically targets veterans. For this, you can use websites like to find specific candidates for various positions in your company. When you are posting job advertisements, you can mention that you are looking for veterans to join your workforce. You can even advertise for your company at a military academy so that officers planning to leave the service know where to look for jobs once they are back in the civilian world.

Find the Right Recruiters

Keeping the previous point in mind, you will need a team of skilled recruiters who are capable of gauging a military officer’s proficiency from their resumes. Most recruiters may not be familiar with how military skills would transition to a corporate job. Find people who understand how an officer’s skills or military experience can be put to use for your company.
The resumes of many skilled military officers may not make it through an employer’s application tracking system, as they might be missing certain keywords. Perhaps you can update the system to separate military resumes from everyone else’s or create a specific channel for veterans to submit their documents.

Show Off Your Veterans

If your workforce already has a military veteran or two, you can advertise their name, their service, and how the company has benefitted from hiring them. Not only would your employees be recognized by a large number of officers, but it will also give the impression that your company takes a special interest in helping veterans transition to the corporate workplace.

Educate Your Employees about the Importance of Hiring Veterans
Before you decide to go ahead and hire military veterans, you can educate your employees about how having a former officer will benefit the company. For this, you can start a training program for your non-military employees. Here, they will learn about the military community and what they bring to the table. Besides this, there might be employees with certain misconceptions about people from the military, and a training program can help avoid potential confusion.

Find a Mentor

Once you have recruited a former military officer, place them under the guidance of a mentor who can teach them the nuances of the work process in your company. Figure out who among your employees is the most open-minded and sociable, and maybe best able to easily relate to your recruit. This will make the transition from military to regular life much smoother, and your new hire will feel that the company cares about their growth; a definite boost to their motivation and productivity. Military veterans now form a large, diverse pool of talent for you to tap into, and they possess skills that are not easily learned on the job. The training cost per individual would also be cut down, as veterans have a knack for picking up skills quickly; a necessary attribute in the military. So, make your organization military-friendly, and watch it transform and succeed with the help of your new veteran employees.



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