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Month: January 2020

Essential Functions of a Job and Reasonable Accommodations

Related article: 5 Ways to Create a More Disability Inclusive Culture Emma works as a housekeeping supervisor for a hotel chain. The supervisor’s position requires that she supervises the work...

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OFCCP Listens to Feedback and Revises Proposed Scheduling Letters

Following the initial comment period where it received feedback from the public on the proposed changes to the current scheduling letters, the OFCCP submitted revised scheduling letters for approval by...

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DOL Secretary Acosta Resigns

Amid the investigation surrounding Jeffrey Epstein for sexual abuse charges, DOL Secretary Alexander Acosta resigns from his position as head of the Labor department. Acosta is under scrutiny for the...

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Scalia Tabbed as New Secretary of Labor

President Trump wasted no time nominating a new Labor Secretary in the wake of Alexander Acosta's resignation from the post July 12, 2019. Eugene Scalia, son of former Supreme Court...

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EEO-1 Component 2 Pay Data Collection Portal is Live

The EEOC has officially opened the online portal for collecting the Component 2 compensation data that employers are required to submit as part of the annual EEO-1 Report. What is...

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New OFCCP Opinion Letter: Pay Analysis Groups

There's often confusion among federal contractors on how to properly identify and analyze their Pay Analysis Groups (PAG), leading to questions and a request for feedback from OFCCP. On July...

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OFCCP Will Not Use EEO-1 Pay Data in Audits

OFCCP formally announced in a federal register notice that it does not plan to request, accept, or use the Component 2 pay data collected by EEOC in the EEO-1 report....

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Non-Binary Employees and the EEO-1 Report

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is trying to help concerned federal contractors ensure every employee is accurately accounted for in their EEO-1 reports, personally tackling the subject of non-binary...

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OFCCP Provides More Compliance Assistance with Three New FAQs

Consistent with its initiative to provide more compliance assistance to federal contractors and subcontractors, OFCCP released on Tuesday new FAQs on three different topics. The new FAQs provide guidance on...

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