Related resource: Use this OFCCP audit checklist to ensure you’re doing what is required to maintain OFCCP’s regulations including VEVRAA, Section 503, and EO 11246.

While not all federal contractors will participate in an OFCCP Audit, being prepared for the process is a good practice. If you do receive a notice, or scheduling letter from the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, here is what you can expect during an OFCCP Desk Audit.

  1. The OFCCP will make initial contact with the contractor via an Equal Opportunity Specialist [EOS], and will require the following information be provided.
    • Identifying Information, including the chief executive officer (CEO), person(s) responsible EEO/AA planning and hiring
    • Any outside representation that will be involved in the process.
    • Any special circumstances that should be factored into the process, such as bankruptcy, debarment, closure of the establishment, or anything that would impact the date of the review such as vacation shutdown, strike, etc. [i]
  2. The OFCCP will then submit a Scheduling Letter. This will be sent via certified mail with return receipt requested.
  3. The EOS will follow–up with the contractor within fifteen working days to ensure that the contractor or their representatives fully understand the requirements outlined and the desk audit will be scheduled.
  4. The OFCCP will conduct a Des