As the nation’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming to a close, considerable attention has been given to the recruiting and retention of military veterans. This article provides employers with helpful tips on both.

Recruitment of Veterans

Did you know that annually, almost 250,000 men and women leave active military service? The skills and experience they bring to the table are wide and varied, with corollaries in almost every civilian occupation. Approximately 20% serve the 20 years required to earn a military retirement. The remaining 80% are separating short of retirement. Of the almost quarter-million people who leave the service annually, approximately 85% are men and 15% women. The U.S. military also represents a diverse talent pool, with close to 25% of the enlisted force comprised of minorities, most prevalent being African American, followed by Hispanic American, and Asian American. About 16% percent of the force are officers; the remaining 84% are enlisted.