Part 2 of 3 of this series examined and compared the OFCCP enforcement activities under the Clinton, Bush (Jr.) and Obama administrations to gain more insight on what to anticipate of the current OFCCP. Since people propel the activity in question, this installment will focus on Director Shiu’s most recent Regional Director appointees to gain further insight as to what to expect going forward.

First, let’s have a “crash course” in the OFCCP’s regional makeup. The OFCCP has six regions: the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, the Southeast, the Southwest and Rocky Mountain Region (SWARM) and the Pacific Region. Of the six Regional Directors, Shiu has appointed three: Bradley Anderson, Director, Midwest Region; Diana Sen, Director, Northeastern Region, and, most recently, Janette Wipper, Director, Pacific Region. Two of these three appointees, Diana Sen, and Janette Wipper, were high-powered civil rights attor