Circa AAP by Affirmity

100% Technically Compliant,
Audit-Ready AAPs

Connect with Veterans

  • Ensure OFCCP mandatory requirements are met by giving protected veterans the first opportunity to apply to jobs
  • Utilize our OFCCP Compliance solution to ensure that your organization meets Mandatory Job Listing rules, helping you to effectively hire veterans

Preparing your affirmative action plan manually costs time and money

Simplify Your AAP Process

Circa AAP by Affirmity’s web-based AAP software simplifies development by automating the process. Easy-to-follow workflows help your compliance team define weighting scenarios, availability sources, statistical tests, incumbency versus availability measures, and placement goals.

  • Ensure audit readiness with a comprehensive, compliant report
  • Increase the agility of your HR team by allowing multiple users to work simultaneously
  • Reduce the burden on your HRIS team by delivering a secure, robust SaaS platform
  • Gain even greater efficiency with tools for EEO-1 and VETS 4212 reporting

Results may vary and may not be exact. Calculation above based on OFCCP research that shows it takes an average of 193.6 hours for companies of less than 501 employees to develop, maintain, and perform annual updates on their AAPs, with an annual cost burden of $7,830. For employers with more than 501 employees, the research shows these numbers jump to 396 hours and $15,150 respectively.
Manager, Talent & Employee Experience

The ease of posting in necessary places for affirmative action, access to great diverse environments we wouldn’t otherwise have access to or be able to find.

Great Vendor for Veteran and IWD Outreach and OFCCP Compliance

The response time is great. My organization was under an OFCCP, and I requested additional information under a tight timeline and received the report within a few hours. The organization’s outreach for diversity, veteran and IWD recruitment is exceptional. The portal is easy to use and reports can be generated quickly.

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