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There is a lot that has been said about how important it is to secure executive and senior management buy-in for DEIB and while that is true, we have oftentimes overlooked the one critical lever: Line Managers. While executive and senior leadership sets the tone, the values, and the strategy, it is the middle managers who hold the keys to an organization’s culture. They control the employees’ day-to-day experience and are responsible for executing and turning strategy into reality.

Thus, to effect change and transform the culture of a company, line managers need to be aligned, bought in, engaged, empowered, and equipped with the training, policies, framework, and tools they need to operationalize DEIB in the day-to-day management of the organization and its teams.

Roselle Rogers (SPHR, SHRM-SCP),
Vice President, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Circa
Katie Coleman
Product Marketing Manager | Circa
Katie Coleman is a Product Marketing Manager at Circa. Based on her conversations and research, Katie produces webinars and writes articles on diversity and other employment-related topics to guide employers, employees and job seekers in their professional endeavors.

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