Most employers strive for a recruitment process that is free of discrimination, both for legal purposes and because it’s the right thing to do. But confirming your process provides equal employment opportunity isn’t always easy. There are obvious forms of discrimination in recruitment, such as requiring a specific gender when there is no bona fide business reason to do so. However, there are also hidden areas of discrimination in recruitment that employers, including federal contractors, need to look to eliminate or avoid in their hiring process. These are common, but subtle, in recruiting, and it’s important that you mitigate the risks they may cause to your company by identifying them and changing your recruitment processes.

Join Berkshire expert, Lynn Clements, as we explore these hidden areas of discrimination and discuss ways to identify and transform your approach to make sure you are providing equal employment opportunities to applicants seeking employment at your company.

Lynn Clements
Director of Audit and HR Services | Berkshire Associates

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