Every year, companies lose $450-$500 billion dollars due to disengaged workers. Worker disengagement manifests as increased absenteeism, decreased innovation, and lost productivity. Over the last three years, we’ve all seen firsthand how this has impacted our daily lives, from long lines at our favorite coffee shop, reduced hours at our favorite restaurants, and empty shelves at our neighborhood grocery stores.

Organizations looking to align themselves with the next generation of workers must improve their work culture and increase their DEIB efforts. Most importantly, they must E.N.G.A.G.E their employees. In this session, Lachandra Baker will offer HR strategies that engage the heads, hearts, and hands of your workforce, allowing you to increase your bottom line and amplify your business results.

Lanchdra_Baker Lachandra B. (Carter) Baker, MBA, CTA, CDP
Founder/Principal Consultant at LBB Edutainment, Keynote Speaker, and Author
Katie Coleman is a Product Marketing Manager at Circa. Based on her conversations and research, Katie produces webinars and writes articles on diversity and other employment-related topics to guide employers, employees and job seekers in their professional endeavors.

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