DEI represents a prolonged transformation journey, often posing significant challenges for companies that either have no existing DEI blueprint or seek to overhaul their present methodologies. It’s not uncommon for companies to find themselves at a standstill or be uncertain about initiating the process. Addressing this, Christopher Rowland, Executive Director of DEIB Strategy at Mitratech, has curated an all-inclusive webinar tailored to either launch or refine your DEI initiatives.

This instructive session begins by looking into what DEI embodies within a corporate setting, complemented by an insightful outline of stages of Diversity. Following this introduction, the webinar delves into the approach to DEI planning, spotlighting pivotal components to the process. These vital elements encompass areas like recruitment and talent acquisition, fostering an inclusive employee culture and engagement, training, commercial and customer impact, investing in the community, and fortifying supplier diversity. We will cover each component and include sample outcomes supported by data and benchmarks. We will also discuss ways to measure the current state and conduct evaluation, actions that you can take, and potential stakeholders to involve.

Concluding the exploration of these six pillars, we include sample timelines and reports that can be seamlessly adapted for your plans. The webinar will also spotlight optimal DEI best practices, serving as a reference for the design and execution of a DEI blueprint.

Chris Rowland, Director  of DEIB Strategy
Circa | Mitratech

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