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Milwaukee, WI (February 11, 2021) –

Circa is pleased to announce our formal partnership with South Carolina-based HudsonMann, a training consulting services and HR outsourcing. Circa is partnering to provide its customers and prospects access to HudsonMann’s high-quality affirmative action program development and consulting services.

The purpose of the Circa partnerships are to improve diversity outcomes across the shared customer base and support federal contractors with their affirmative action and HR consulting planning needs. HudsonMann will refer Circa’s SaaS-based technology solutions to their customers while Circa offers its customers and prospects access to HudsonMann’s AAP & diversity metrics solution.

Circa provides OFCCP compliance management and recruiting technology solutions to deliver qualified candidates on an equitable playing field for organizations to build high-performing, diverse teams. The company is expanding its product and service offering through partnerships as customers are seeking a more robust solution from industry leaders. HudsonMann is a recognized expert in systemic compensation discrimination analyses, affirmative action plan development and implementation, pay equity analyses, and OFCCP audit and litigation support. In addition to compliance services, HudsonMann’s DIVERSIFi platform advances diversity and inclusion by making diversity metrics simple, accessible, and affordable.

“The partnership between Circa and HudsonMann symbolizes our profound commitment to building high-performing teams and accelerating their success,” Patrick Sheahan, CEO, Circa said. “Working together to enhance our OFCCP and Diversity technology solutions helps our customers grow and have peace of mind in their compliance and diversity efforts.”


“HudsonMann has witnessed the effectiveness of Circa’s solutions firsthand in both OFCCP compliance reviews and the positive impact on Talent Acquisition teams;” Allen Hudson, COO, HudsonMann said. “Working together, we’re excited to unlock the full potential of technology to advance diversity and compliance.”

To drive mutual success, Circa will showcase HudsonMann products and services to customers and prospects, feature them in marketing events and on the company’s website, as well as work together on thought leadership content.


About Circa

Circa is a catalyst for 21st century companies to build high-performing diverse teams based on research that shows companies want to shift from diversity as a program to diversity as a business strategy. The companies’ robust portfolio of software solutions and unparalleled industry expertise give employers the tools and knowledge they need to radically change how they approach talent acquisition and management. The company was founded in 1994, has 5000+ customers, 15,500+ community partner relationships and in 2019 posted 5M+ jobs through its network of 600+ online employment websites.

About HudsonMann

With more than 25 years in business, HudsonMann supports 450+ organizations nationwide at more than 3,000 client sites. The company’s focus on customer service ensures not only compliant AAPs but also peace of mind.


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