Milwaukee, WI (February 8, 2021)

Circa is launching AI Candidate Matching, to help companies accelerate their success toward building more diverse, innovative, and high-performing teams. The new product delivers a SaaS-based artificial intelligence solution guaranteeing unbiased sourcing and matching of diverse, qualified talent from a curated 160 million+ candidate database.

When looking to reduce or mitigate unconscious bias, AI Candidate Matching redacts ethnic, gender, age, LGBTQIA+, veteran status, community, culture, and disability to present candidates based on their skill sets to be evaluated in fair, equal and consistent manners. This includes automatically reviewing job postings and optimizing them to make it as engageable as possible for a diverse community while removing biases within the description.

AI Candidate Matching focuses on candidate sourcing and matching that reaches both active and passive candidates. The active and passive candidates are sourced from 3,500 different online organizations fro