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EEO Consulting

Since 1993, EEO Consulting has been specializing in AAP development for companies with 50 to 4,000 employees in the Supply and Service Industry, including first-year plans. With 13 years of experience in HR, we know the data in your ATS and HRIS probably needs some work before any analysis can begin. We work with you to make sure your core data is accurate including job groups, departments, hires, promotions, terminations and that pesky applicant flow.

Because we are not attorneys, your plan won’t look or feel like a legal document. Of course it will include everything you need for an audit, and we’ll help with that, but you’ll also have an executive summary and action items for HR and the TA staff. Plus you will have compensation data in Excel so you can see if any pay equity adjustments are in order. (Our clients love our comp reports.) We also conduct management briefings and technical training, and we work well with your DEI staff. We are based in St. Louis, MO, and have clients everywhere from Vermont to Hawaii. We know there are not enough hours in the day for the HR staff, so let us do the heavy lifting for your Affirmative Action Programs.

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