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Key Data for Hiring, Retention, & Compensation Planning

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Precise Compensation Answers

LaborIQ delivers real-time current, validated compensation data for 20,000+ job titles and a 5-year salary forecast to help with:

  • Today’s market-driven pay answers
  • Pay gap and retention-risk visibility
  • Forecasting tools for where and when to recruit
  • Compensation answers for all jobs, locations, sizes, and industries

Salary Answers

Access recommended salary and ranges for 20,000+ job titles by location, industry, and company size.

Pay Benchmarks

Compare individuals or teams alongside current and future market pay ranges while proactively identifying pay gaps to reduce turnover.

Expert Analysis

Talent supply and market insights provide key drivers of compensation demands to help build your candidate pipeline faster.

Dedicated Client Support

Through quick responses, expertise and timely resolution, you'll learn how to leverage LaborIQ to win and retain talent.

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