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About Our Session:

Title: “Future-proofing your HR and Talent Strategy: Building a Resilient Workforce”
Time: Monday, June 12 | 11:40 – 12:10 pm
Where: HR Technology Theater

HR teams face unprecedented challenges in today’s rapidly changing world. As the global landscape and the future of work continues to evolve, runaway inflation and rising costs continue to impact all industries. How can you future-proof your business and unlock your workforce’s full potential with technology? In this practical session, Mitratech is taking a deep dive into what it takes to engage, retain, and empower top talent, build a resilient organization that can thrive in any environment, and what to look for in the SaaS-based solutions that will help get you there.

Join us for a step-by-step breakdown on:

  • Building a more diverse talent pipeline (regardless of market conditions)
  • Driving employee engagement and belonging
  • Implementing best practices for performance and learning management to drive results
  • Using analytics to measure results and drive critical decisions
George Boone Mitratech
Roselle Rogers
Executive Director, DEI Strategy
George Boone
Sr. Talent Manager of OE/Talent Management

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