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Jeremy Mancheski is a Principal with the affirmative action plan outsourcing firm OutSolve ( based in New Orleans, LA. Currently, he works with a diverse, national client base including a variety of industries such as food service, transportation, and manufacturing with clients ranging in size from small startup firms to Fortune 500 corporations. His prior experience includes two other consulting firms whose primary focus was affirmative action planning and human resources related services and consulting. Having been involved in affirmative action plan implementation and employment consulting for over 20 years, he has been responsible for the preparation and implementation of thousands of AAPs and supported clients through hundreds of compliance evaluations within every region of the country.

Mr. Mancheski is the 2011 and 2012 President of the Louisiana Liaison Group having also served as vice president in 2010. During 2011 he served as the Program Chair for the ILG National Conference in New Orleans.

In addition to regular client training, he has spoken previously at several local, regional, and national meetings and conferences on a wide variety of topics related to affirmative action compliance and diversity including:

  • ILG National Conference (*)
  • SWARM Regional Conference (*)
  • Jacksonville, FL ILG (*)
  • Baton Rouge, LA ILG (*)
  • New Orleans, LA ILG (*)
  • Alaska State SHRM Conference (*)
  • Mid Atlantic ILG
  • Baltimore, MD ILG
  • Omaha, NE ILG
  • St. Louis, MO ILG
  • Dallas, TX ILG
  • El Paso, TX ILG
  • San Antonio, TX ILG
  • Hampton Roads, VA ILG
  • Rochester, NY ILG
  • Waco, TX ILG
  • Washington DC ILG
  • Indiana ILG

(*) indicates multiple presentations

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