DiversityJobs.com Employer Member Badge

Thank you for joining Circa as a customer! Feel free to share our DiversityJobs.com Member Badge to show candidates that you are being proactive about Diversity & Inclusion.

Where to display it?

You may use the badge freely on your:

    • websites
    • social media properties
    • printed materials
    • email signatures

Download our social media post templates for Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter so that you can easily share your new badge on social!

Get your badge

Copy the HTML markup below and paste it on your website. If you need any custom alterations or assistance, please contact us.

<!--DiversityJobs.com Badge -->
<a href="https://diversityjobs.com/employer/top-diversity-employers?utm_campaign=TopEmployer&utm_medium=badge">
<img src="https://circaworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/employer_member_badge_2023.png" width="200" alt="DiversityJobs.com Employer Member" title="DiversityJobs.com Employer Member" /></a>
<!-- END DiversityJobs.com Badge -->



What’s the difference between the Employer Member & Top Diversity Employer Badge Requirements?

The Employer Member Badge is for a client who has a Circa diversity or compliance powered subscription.

The Top Diversity Employer Badge is for a client who has a Circa diversity or compliance powered subscription, the subscription had been in force for 12+ months, and the client renews for a minimum of 1 year agreement or greater beyond the initial 12 months.

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