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Topics: Outreach

See What Customers Like Most About Circa’s Diversity Recruiting

Check out Circa's new eBook to see what customers have to say about our Diversity Recruiting product. Circa in Fall 2021 was awarded the following badges easiest to do business...

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Four Takeaways from Circa’s Disability Employment Awareness Webinar

Circa was recently joined by one of its community-based organizations, Best Buddies, on a webinar to focus on the employment of individuals with disabilities. Best Buddies provided insight into its...

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Using Data to Help Talent Acquisition and Compliance Collaborate Webinar

There is no denying that there is inherent struggle between compliance and talent acquisition professionals. In this competitive labor market, the road that recruiters take to bring on talent is...

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The State of HR Compliance in 2021

Regulatory compliance can be a tough area for HR because few notice when it is done right, but everyone notices if it is done wrong. This study looks at problem...

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How to Leverage Your HR Compliance Efforts for Your DEI Initiatives

With Diversity taking center stage, many companies embracing DEI are developing and implementing strategies to diversify their workforce and create inclusive workplaces. As companies embark and continue on their DEI...

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What’s Ahead: 2022 Job Market Outlook

Join Circa and ThinkWhy as they look ahead at the 2022 job market including the recovery progress during COVID and the delta variant. As well as the diversity demographics in...

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Lead and Succeed in Hiring & Retention with an effective DEI Strategy Webinar

Join Roselle Rogers, Vice President, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Circa and Sonya Sepahban, CEO & Co-Founder, OurOffice, as they share how to save valuable time and succeed with the “must-have”...

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The Rank Assumption Chart: A Veteran Skill-Matching Tool for Employers

Learn effective strategies for veteran onboarding, training, and retention in this webinar with Veteran and HR Director, Ann Schueller and Circa's VP of DEI, Roselle Rogers.

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Nationwide Recruiting & Compliance Made Simple – Case Study

With over 100 locations throughout the United States and 7,000 employees, this well-established customer provides industry-focused wealth advisory, outsourcing, audit, tax and consulting services. As a federal contractor, the company...

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