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Topics: Audits

Types of OFCCP Compliance Evaluations and How to Prepare for Them

Get a breakdown of the compliance evaluations and how contractors can successfully prepare for each.

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OFCCP Documentation Best Practices

Get a handle on your OFCCP documentation and recordkeeping, which is required for federal contractors. You’ll see a full breakdown of recruiting, posting, and reporting you need to be 100%...

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OFCCP Compliance 101 Webinar

Learn the basics of OFCCP compliance to give you a strong foundation of knowledge. Get details on the regulations OFCCP enforces, and your obligations for affirmative action, documentation, and recordkeeping.

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Outreach Targeting Veterans, IWDs, and More

Identify the steps needed for affirmative action to employ and advance veterans and individuals with disabilities. OFCCP requires employers to create and assess affirmative action plans to achieve these goals.

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CSAL is Here…and AAP Verification? Nice.

What the CSAL release means, and next steps with AAPs.

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OFCCP Releases New TAGs and the CSAL for VEVRAA Focused Reviews

Bill Osterndorf, Principal Consultant at DCI Consulting Group, provides insight and commentary on the release of the latest CSAL for VEVRAA Focused Reviews and where all the audits stand.

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OFCCP’s New Technical Assistance Guide (Higher Ed)

OFCCP published a new Technical Assistance Guide (TAG) for educational institutions. Find out the details, what it means for your compliance efforts, and how to ensure you have all your...

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FAQ: OFCCP Compliance Evaluations

Get answers to all your compliance questions with this OFCCP answer key. Whether you are facing an audit or not, information on types of reviews, what to expect, and how...

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CSAL: Responding to Scheduling Letters

Learn what you should – and should not – send to OFCCP when responding to Scheduling Letters. Many contractors omit required data or report inaccurate information, leading to violations and...

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