Topics: Affirmative Action Plan Development

Am I a Federal Contractor or Subcontractor?

Do you know if your company is a federal contractor or subcontractor? What qualifies as a federal contract? How does the government define a subcontract? Where can you go to...

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Circa Announces Partnership Program Expansion

Milwaukee, WI (October 10, 2022) – Today Circa announces expansion to its Partnership Program. Since launch about two years ago, the number of Circa partners have grown immensely, creating a...

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OFCCP Contractor Portal: Do I Need to Certify?

Join the leaders in Affirmative Action Planning as they discuss the impact of the OFCCP Contractor Portal. Covered federal contractors and subcontractors must use this portal to certify, on an...

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Artificial Intelligence: Practical Considerations for EEO Compliance

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to bring "better, faster, and cheaper" at unimaginable scale. This tantalizing proposition has not been lost among Human Resources (HR) professionals. However, as with all technology,...

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Affirmative Action for Construction Contractors

Construction companies involved in federal projects have affirmative action obligations, and these obligations are often very different than those faced by companies that are not involved in construction projects. While...

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Circa’s Diversity Symposium – Building Belonging in the Workplace

As humans, we all have an innate need to belong. When there is a sense of belonging, people feel connected to their work and to the organization. When employees can...

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Mind the Gap: A Discussion About the Pay Gap, Pay Equity, and Representation

Returning for a discussion on pay equity, DCI Consulting’s Joanna Colosimo (Vice President of Workforce Equity and Compliance Strategy, Principal Consultant) and Jana Garman (Director of Compliance and Workforce Analytics,...

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The Promise and Perils of AI in Employment Decision-Making

Commissioner Sonderling will address the implications of Artificial Intelligence(AI)/Machine Learning (ML) for equal employment opportunity. Employers are using AI to make employment decisions at every stage of the job life...

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The OFCCP in 2022 – What’s in Store?

Where did 2021 end? In a muddle. In the spring, the country was reaching COVID ‘herd immunity’ through vaccination. Then came summer and the Delta strain of the virus, followed...

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