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With the first quarter of 2020 wrapping up, OFCCP has put forth its “Town Hall Action Plan” to continue its focus on helping federal contractors in as many ways as possible. This plan is based on the discussions during seven town halls in 2019 covering a number of different topics.

All of the sessions were open to the public while specifically gathering feedback from contractors and stakeholders on compliance assistance. A handful of consistent themes came across through these conversations, allowing OFCCP to develop six points of emphasis for its Town Hall Action Plan.

  • Update and develop new resources to assist contractors in conducting outreach to diverse talent pools
    • New webpage for hiring diverse individuals, including FAQs, best practices, and more to reach qualified, diverse talent pools
    • Display updated EEO Tabulation data, working with the Census Bureau for statistics to help determine availability of reasonable talent and recruitment efforts.
    • Keep the Employment Referral Resource Directory updated with contact information to promote recruitment resources for openings
  • Provide more compliance assistance and resources for contractors to develop effective affirmative action programs (AAP) and allow for more dialogue between OFCCP and contractors during compliance evaluations
    • New sample AAPs or sections with additional explanations and updated FAQs
    • Messaging on new compliance officer protocol for quicker connections with contractors to review and discuss concerns with their submission or data
    • Contractor Compliance Institute to assist in nondiscrimination and affirmative action obligations
  • Enhance avenues for collaboration between contractors
    • Expand collaboration and discussion of best practices through OFCCP platforms
    • Review Compliance Assistance Portal to determine ways to encourage more communication between contractors and OFCCP
    • Emphasize best practices on OFCCP’s website and utilize stakeholder messages
  • Enhance resources for protected veterans and their spouses, family, and other associates
    • Develop new material and update current content related to VEVRAA, including links to resources, agencies, FAQs, best practices, and military skills translators for hiring veterans
    • Update OFCCP pages on VEVRAA Focused Reviews and Compliance Assistance so contractors have access to tools to help them comprehend their obligations and rights
    • Create and offer resources on spouses, family, and others associated with veterans, covering the obligations listed under Directive 2020-01 and employer practices
  • Enhance resources to increase the effectiveness of the Indian and Native American Employment Rights Program (INAERP)
    • Guidance to emphasize preference of hiring toward American Indians and Alaska Natives, including resources to work with tribal organizations and agencies supporting these efforts
    • Best practices and FAQs focusing on work on or near reservations, as well as a model AAP with the INAERP component
    • Connect federal contractors with recruitment sources to target Native American candidates
  • Enhance resources for disability inclusion
    • Use information learned through Section 503 Focused Reviews to create best practices for reasonable accommodations and address challenges contractors face in this areas, including ways to offer assistance for disability accommodations
    • Add more resources and educational content to the Section 503 section on OFCCP’s website
    • Distribute an annual report on Section 503 Focused Reviews, contractor recognition, and best practices


Tim Muma
Product Marketing Lead

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