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Circa again attended the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) Conference, this year held in Boston, where the theme was “Be a Beacon of Change.” 

Tuesday’s opening speaker was OFCCP Director, Jenny Yang, who greeted the 600+ person crowd saying OFCCP plans to focus on areas where the organization can make a strategic impact.  

Yang honed in on the workplace being a microcosm of diverse interactions, a place where we need to break down the walls that divide us. Additional points made were:  

  • Hiring 100 staff by September 2022 
  • Focus on data analytics 
  • Improving the scheduling methodology 
  • Move from an Establishment-based approach to a Functional approach as the establishment-based approach is not working  
  • Give workers the opportunity to share concerns without reproach 
  • Look at a new approach to analyze the contractor data; review federal databases 
  • Be more efficient in reviews 
  • Rescind automatic extensions;  
  • Look into the collection of gender/non-binary data  
  • Launch of HIRE, the Hiring Initiative to Restore Equity, which would identify strategies for better and more proactive hiring practices 
  • Focus on hiring based on skills and abilities vs education and experience, and 
  • Tech-based systems that rely on Artificial Intelligence, designed to address equal opportunities.   

And Yang said to many’s relief, “OFCCP won’t have the resources to audit all federal contractors.” Thank you OFCCP Director Yang.


Cathy Hill
Vice President, Marketing

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