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With the rise of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States and the world, companies are quickly shifting to work from home option, focusing on social distancing and avoiding bringing new people into the office. We know that this can cause some disruption with your hiring processes. While we all come together to support each other through social distancing and this epic event, we’ve assembled some tips to assist you with your hiring process:

1. Communication Is Key:

With social distancing and remote work on the rise candidates will a bit more on edge and unsure of where the hiring process is going to go. In order to keep candidates interested and informed on the hiring process communication will be crucial during this time.
Also, letting the candidates know how the company is handling the coronavirus can showcase the company’s culture and create more interest during the hiring process. If your company is taking extra precautions especially through remote work it can show the candidate your company’s commitment to the safety of its employees as well.

2. Remote Interviews:

During a time when in-person meetings are not ideal, use technology to your advantage. Turn your focus to phone and video interviews to still get a good aspect of who the candidate is without having to meet face to face. LocalJobNetwork is using skype video interviews to lessen in-person meetings. Video interviews provide excellent opportunities for interaction without meeting face to face.

3. Virtual Hiring Events:

Companies with career fairs coming up can can consider remote career fairs. Why cancel when you can host your event online. Virtual career fairs can be as simple as chat rooms or webcasts. DAV RecruitMilitary is once such entity moving their events virtually. Promote your virtual career fair by posting it to our Career Events and Job Fairs listing for free.

4. Community Partnerships:

Finding candidates during this time may be harder right now. Consider Community Partners with our Diversity Recruitment Solution to make it a bit easier. Community Partners work with a variety of diverse candidates who are actively looking for jobs. It doesn’t take much time to reach out and start building relationships. We have more than 20,000 community partners nationwide who work with millions of viable, ready-to-work candidates. This can include setting up virtual tours of the office or having more phone or video chats to learn how you can work together. Additionally, a lot of community partners will have great tips on how to conduct remote interviews with diverse candidates.

5. Proactively Find Candidates:

Some candidates may have more time on their hands with social distancing so now is the time to reach out! This can be done through referral programs or LocalJobNetwork’s searchable resume database. You can use the resume database to search by category, last update, and location. This provides you with the opportunity to widen your search and contact potential candidates you think fit your job criteria. This is also a great resource to use to find passive candidates who aren’t actively looking for a new job.

Of course we know that during this time hiring processes may slow but that doesn’t mean that you have to slow down your pipeline. Continue to work on building up your pipeline through outreach to potential candidates and community partners to help fulfill your current openings and be prepared to hit the ground running when this unparalleled event is over.

If you are looking for additional resources to help during this time please check out our resource library!


Katie Coleman
Product Marketing Manager
Katie Coleman is a Product Marketing Manager at Circa. Based on her conversations and research, Katie produces webinars and writes articles on diversity and other employment-related topics to guide employers, employees and job seekers in their professional endeavors.

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