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Employee engagement is something that is critical to the success of a workplace, however, it is often overlooked and even misunderstood creating gaps that can lead to employees disengaging, losing motivation, and creating long-term issues.

It is important to understand what employee engagement is and what factors are important so that these gaps can be recognized and so you can be proactive when dealing with engagement.

Traits of Engaged Employees:
  • Are passionate and creative
  • Care about the quality of their work
  • Are highly motivated
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Want their team and company to succeed
  • Work with their team to accomplish goals
  • Exemplify company values in their work and interactions
  • Refer qualified connections
Traits of Disengaged Employees:
  • Leave responsibility to other members of their team
  • Bring down employee morale
  • Lower productivity
  • Are distracted and unmotivated
  • Do not care about the future success of their team or the company
  • Create negative word of mouth
  • Are difficult to communicate with


What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement refers to an employee’s passion for their work and their relationship with the organization. Employee engagement is not only impacted by factors like pay and benefits, but it focuses on the employee’s day-to-day experiences as well.


The Benefits of Employee Engagement

Positive Word of Mouth

When employees are engaged, feel proud of their work, and positive about the company then they are more likely to spread the word about their experiences! This includes referring qualified and diverse candidates in their network for open opportunities in the company. Overall, this leads to an improved employer brand and a greater network of quality candidates.

Improved Customer Service

When the employee’s goals align with the company’s goals, they can better represent company values in their interactions with clients/customers. An engaged employee also will provide better customer service because they care about the success of the company and the relationship with the customer.

Better Retention

Engaged employees are happy with their work and company culture so they are less likely to look for other work. Additionally, when employees are continually kept engaged it helps to retain top talent and can create a sense of loyalty to the company, as well.

Increased Effectiveness of Leaders and Management

Leaders and management can be more effective when employees are self-sufficient and motivated. Engaged employees will take on their responsibility and ask questions when needed to ensure that things are done correctly. On the other hand, disengaged employees will avoid responsibility and communication so they are more likely to make mistakes and create more work for management and their team members.

Healthier Employees

When companies focus on employee engagement that means they care about the employee both inside and outside of work. This means that employees have a positive work-life balance which can help with overall mental health and wellness. When employees feel appreciated and can see the effort that is being put toward ensuring their happiness, they will be more likely to feel proud of what they do and less likely to experience burnout.

Higher Employee Motivation

Engaged employees are highly motivated and will go above and beyond because they are invested both in the company and in the work they do. When employees are engaged and have a passion for the projects they are working on, they produce better ideas and are more productive which means that there is a much higher chance of innovation and unique ideas that will help the company grow.

Overall, improving engagement can be used to create a positive impact across your organization and deter employees from becoming disengaged.

One way that Circa helps to engage employees is through Advancing, Belonging, and Inclusion (ABI) which includes a calendar of DEI celebrations and a DEI content library. With the calendar of DEI celebrations, you receive a comprehensive list of DEI observances, holidays, and awareness dates along with ready to use communication templates so you can engage your workforce.

If you are interested in checking out ABI and seeing how it can help you save time on engagement you can request a demo here!


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