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There are dozens of avenues that HR leaders and recruitment teams can use to find the right talent for their organization, one of them being posting job opportunities to the Employment Service Delivery System (ESDS) job bank. ESDS is an employment service office in a state or locality that provides labor exchange services — including employment, training, and placement services — as part of the national One-Stop/American Job Center service delivery network established by the states. Find your ESDS today.

Under VEVRAA federal contractors are required to post open job listings to ESDS with three exceptions executive positions, positions lasting three days or less, and positions filled internally.

What are the benefits of the ESDS?

Posting job openings on online state job banks can get your open positions in front of thousands of job seekers. Plus, it adds an additional layer of commitment to your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives by meeting Mandatory Job Listing rules and ensuring OFCCP compliance. Simply put, you can post your jobs to state and local job banks, and the system will help you find the candidates that best match what you’re looking for. It’s an easy way to get your open positions in front of a large and diverse range of job seekers.

Benefits to posting to the ESDS:

  • Save time on recruitment with Circa handling your ESDS account registration and management to ensure all your positions are properly posted to each ESDS account. This includes notifying ESDS regularly to request veteran priority referrals.
  • Actively search through the state job banks resumes by different criteria and reach out directly to a job seeker to inform them of your open jobs.
  • Receive resume match alerts and referrals for your open positions.
  • Learn about upcoming ESDS events like local career fairs that can help you to attract local qualified job seekers
  • Work directly with local Disabled Veterans Outreach Programs (DVOP) and Local Veterans’ Employment Representative (LVER) to match your open positions with qualified veterans in the area
  • Access complimentary workforce recruitment, training, and retention resources as well as customized training assistance.
  • Tax credits are available for hiring candidates from underrepresented groups and local unemployment offices. Circa offers employers the opportunity to receive tax credits through our partnership with Trusaic. Get rewarded for doing the right thing through Work Opportunity Tax Credits & Employee Retention Credits. Learn more.

Essentially, posting through multiple channels provides you with a larger audience, faster hiring, a targeted market, and an opportunity to build your talent pool with applications. As you maximize your reach, you also will enable diversity recruiting tactics, target niche segments, and tailor your messaging for better applicant pools.

How Circa can help

Whether you are an OFCCP contractor or not, our job at Circa is to handle your ESDS account registration and management, ensuring positions are properly posted to ESDS accounts, providing proof of job listings with ESDS confirmation ID and PDF snapshots, and notifying ESDS regularly to request veteran priority referrals. Overall, our goal is to help organizations recruit and hire for diversity and ensure compliance requirements are met. Learn more about streamlining your recruitment process with Circa.


Katie Coleman
Product Marketing Manager
Katie Coleman is a Product Marketing Manager at Circa. Based on her conversations and research, Katie produces webinars and writes articles on diversity and other employment-related topics to guide employers, employees and job seekers in their professional endeavors.

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